How To Hollow Grind A Knife

This shows one way to hollow grind a knife. Hopefully it will offer you some tips to help with your grinding.

Sharpening a Hollow Ground Knife

A hollow grind is produced when you use a wheel to sharpen the edge of a knife. Because there is less material directly behind the edge, this type of edge is less durable (although the degree to this is more theoretical than in actual practice). A straight razor has a hollow grind.

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Despite what you may have read or been told, hollow grinding isn't a necessity it's simply an unavoidable byproduct of using a bench grinder. Luckily for you, you're decades beyond being stuck with technology that mandates using a grinder to speed up the sharpening process.

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What Is A Hollow Grind? Stay At Home Dad

Understanding a hollow grind. As the name already suggests, a hollow grind is actually hollow. Its quite a common grind for many knife blades. Blades with a hollow grind offer great cutting qualities and more flexibility than blades with other types of grind. A hollow ground knife blade is one thats been ground to create a distinct bevelled, concave edge along the knifes cutting edge.

How to Hollow Grind

I talk about and go over how I hollow grind the knives I make. I don't claim to be an expert. I am just showing you my method of this. _____...

What is a hollow grind? I Made A Knife!

A hollow grind is a way to grind your blade so that the bevels curve inward (concave) to meet at a point. This makes for an extremely sharp knife, but very fragile edge at the same time. Its a difficult grind to achieve, even with the right tools and as such, you wont come across a

What is a Hollow Ground Blade? (with pictures)

A hollow ground blade is a knife blade that has been ground down to create a characteristic concave, beveled edge along the cutting edge of the knife. This effect is accomplished by starting the grind below the midpoint of the knife, creating a small wedge with concave sides that is extremely sharp and very easy to care for.

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